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Vedanta Deepam (10 Volumes)

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SKU: C00634

Short Description

  • Original Composer/Author: -
  • Artist: Sri U.Ve.Dr.Ramacharya Swamin
  • Number of CDs: 10
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  • Original Composer/Author: -
  • Artist: Sri U.Ve.Dr.Ramacharya Swamin
  • Number of CDs: 10

Vol-1: 1.Introduction 2.Mangala shloka 3.Acharya vanthanam 4.Paramaatma Lakshana 5.Kshara-Akshara 6.Brahman in Shankara matha 7.Brahman in Bhaskara matha 8.Brahman in Ramanuja matha 9.Sharira shariri bhava 10.Mimaamsa shastra 11.karya para vastu 12.Vedantha can be Pramanam.

Vol-2: 1.Brahma vicharam by Sri Ramanuja 2.JIgnaasa adhikarana 3.Janmaadyasya yathaha adhikarana 4.Shastra yonitvaat adhikarana 5.Tattu samanvaayat adhikarana 6.Eekshyat adhikarana 7.Sat shabda vachya is he Brahman? 8.Siddhantham.

Vol-3: 1.Eekshyat adhikarana 2.Aanandamaya adhikarana 3.Antara adhikarana 4.Aakasha adhikarana 5.Praana adhikarana 6.Jyothir adhikarana 7.Indra praana adhikarana 8.Sarvatra prasiddhi adhikarana 9.Atradhikarana poorva paksha.

Vol-4: 1.Atra adhikarana 2.Antaraadhikarana 3.Antaryami adhikarana 4.Adrushyatvaadi adhikarana 5.Vaishvaanara adhikarana 6.Dhyubvaadhya adhikarana 7.Bhooma adhikarana 8.Akshara adhikarana 9.Eekshati karma adhikarana 10.Dhara adhikarana 11.Pramitha adhikarana 12.Devatha adhikarana 13.Madhava adhikarana 14.Apashoodra adhikarana 15.Arthaantaratva divyapadesha adhikarana 16.Aanumaanika adhikarana

Vol-5: 1.Chamasa Adhikarana 2.Sankhyopa sangraha adhikarana 3.kaaranatva adhikarana 4.Jagad vaachitva adhikarana 5.Vaakhyaanvaya adhikarana 6.Prakrutyadhikarana 6.Sarva vyakhyana Adhikarana 7.Smrutyadhikarana 8.Yoga pratyuktha adhikarana 9.Vilakshanatvaadi adhikarana 10.Shistaaparigraha adhikarana 11.Bhoktraatathyadhikarana 12.Aarambana adhikarana 13.Itara Vyapadesha Adhikarana 14.Upasamhaara adhikarana

Vol-6: 1.Krutsna Prasakthyadhikarana 2.Prayojanavatva adhikarana 3.Rachana anupatya adhikarana 4.Mahaddheergha adhikarana 5.Sarvathaa anupapathya adhikarana 6. Upalabdhya adhikarana 7.Sarvathaa anupapathya adhikarana 8.Ekasmin Asambhava Adhikarana 9.Utpatyaasambhava adhikarana

Vol-7: 1.Viyad adhikarana 2.Tejo adhikarana 3.Atmaadhikarana 4.Jnadhikarana 5.Kartradhikarana 6.Paraayatta adhikarana 7.Amsha Adhikarana 8.Pranotpatya adhikarana 9.Saptagatyadhikarana 10.Pranaanutvadhikarana 11.Vayukriya adhikarana 12.Shresta anutva hAdhikarana 13.Jyotiraadya adhistana adhikarana 14.Indriya adhikarana 15.Sangnyamurthy klupthya adhikarana 16.Tadantara pratipatya adhikarana 17.Krutaatyayadhikarana

Vol-8: 1.Anistaadhikrya adhikarana 2.Tatswaabhavaavya adhikarana 3.Naatichira adhikarana 4.Anyaadhistita adhikarana 5.Sandhya adhikarana 6.Tada bhaavaadi adhikarana 7.Karmaanusmruti adhikarana 8.Mugdha adhikarana 9.Ubhayalinga adhikarana 10.Ahikundala adhikarana 11.Paraadhikarana 12.Phaladhikarana 13.Sarva vedantha pratyaya adhikarana 14.Anyatatva adhikarana 15.Sarva bhedaadi adhikarana 16.Anandyadi adhikarana 17.Karyakhyaadhikarana 18.Samaanaadhikarana 19.Sambhandaadikarana 20.Sambrutyaadhikarana 21. Purusha Vidhya adhikarana 22.Vedaadhya adhikarana 23.Haanyaadhikarana 24.Saamparaayaadhikarana 25.Aniyamaadhikarana 26.Aksharaadya adhikarana 27.Antaratvaadhikarana 28.Kaamaadhyadhikarana

Vol-9: 1.Tan nirdhaarana adhikarana 2.pradhaana adhikarana 3.Linga bhuyastva adhikarana 4.Poorva vikalpa adhikarana 5.Sharirae bhavaadhikarana 6.Angaavabaddha adhikarana 7.Bhooma jyaastva adhikarana 8.Shabdaadibheda adhikarana 9.Vikalpa adhikarana 10.Angeshu yatashrayaadikarana 11.Purushartha adhikarana 12.Stuthimaatra adhikarana 13.Paariplava artha adhikarana 14.Agni indanaaya adhikarana 15.Sarvaapeksha adhikarana 16.Sharma dhamaayadhikarana 17.Sarvaanna anumatya adhikarana 18.Vihitaatva adhikarana 19.Vidhura adhikarana 20.Tadbhoota Adhikarana 21.Swaamyadhikarana 22.Sahakaaryantara vidya(Ad.) 22.Anavishkara adhikarana 23.Lihika adhikarana 24.Mukthi phala adhikarana 25.Aavruttya adhikarana 26.Atmatvopaasana (Ad.) 27.Prateeka adhikarana 28.Adityaadimatya adhikarana 29.Aaseena adhikarana 30.Aaprayaana adhikarana 31.tadabhigamana adhikarana

Vol-10: 1.Itara adhikarana 2.Anaarbdha karyaadhikarana 3.Agnihotraadyadhikarana 4.Vagaadhyadhikarana 5.Mano adhikarana 6.Adhyaksha Adhikarana 7.Bhoota adhikarana 8.Aasrutyupakrama adhikarana 9.Parasampatya adhikarana 10.Avibhaga adhikarana 11.Tadoko adhikarana 12.Rashmyaanusaara(adhi.) 13.Nisha adhikarana 14.Dakshinaayana adhikarana 15.Archiraadi adhikarana 16.Vaayuvadhikarana 17.Talith adhikarana 18.Aativaahika adhikarana 19.Kaarya adhikarana 20.Sampadyaavirbhava adhikarana 21.Avibhaagena dhrustavaadi adhikarana 22.Brahmaadhikarana 23.Sankalpa adhikarana 24.Abhava adhikarana 25.Jagad vuapara varjya adhikarana

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