Dasavathar - The Ten Incarnation of Lord Vishnu

Dasavathara is referred to as the ten incarnations of lord sriman narayana(god of “preservation”)in various yugas.The puranas says that lord vishnu is manifested in dasavathars were dhas-ten, avathars- manifestations.These manifestations by lord vishnu takes place in various yugas in order to eradicate the evil forces when there is an imbalance between the good(devthas) and evil(demons) forces takes place.By this incarnation he defeated the wicked and liberated the virtuous initiated the next yugas.

       The ten primary incarnations,mentioned in puranas are namely [Matsya (satya yuga) to save vedhas and to kill Asura Hagreeva , Kurmam or kachhap avathar (satya yuga) to help the devas to get fourteen gems by carrying the mandar mountain on his armor, Varaha avatar (satya yuga) to help the people removing their sins and  sorrows ,Narasimha (satya yuga) to protect their devotees, Vamana (tretha yuga) to defeat mahabali ,parashurama (tretha yuga)to destroy kshatriyas,  Lord Rama (tretha yuga)to defeat Ravana,Balarama or avatar of shesha (Dwapara yuga)he is referred 

as a god of agriculture and strength, Krishna (Dwapara yuga) the maincharacter of mahabharata who performs many leela’s and one who defeated kamsa,Kalki (kali yuga)to remove and destroy the darkness and  his birth will be the end of the Kali Yuga,.

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Dasavathar Brass Deity

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