Remember the days when our grandmother and mother chase us around the house to inhale the smoke or to treat our hair with sambrani powder (Scientifically called Benzoin Resin). Many would even light up sambrani along with charcoal in a brass/ steel dhoopakal and bring it to the entire house. If we look deep into the reason behind this ritual, The smoke from burnt benzoin resin when inhaled, gets into our nostrils and then to the brain to stimulate the nervous center thereby having a calming effect and also acts as a sedative, hence believed to relieve anxiety and tension.Babies were also made to inhale its steam in order for them to have a sound sleep. Sambrani or Benzoin resin is a sap obtained from trees that belong to the Styrax species. Modern research has found that Benzoin has several medicinal properties.
--Haristore Support

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